“An individual without a national personality is a lost soul or a Non-Person” – a quote I came across that has facilitated my questioning of the Non-Person within us and began my exploration of concepts of identity and nationalism. Growing up with no familiar marks to point to, as part of the Kurdish diaspora, often lead me to yearn for new cultures for myself. This yearning being born from an identity that has no home or physical presence.

My recent work demonstrates narratives from an upbringing filled with stories of displacement and migration as well as hybridization of cultures. The combination of subjects through loose figures – some identifiable, others not – reveals a moment in time unfolding the complexities of a Non-Person. The series explores human presence combined with the emergence from the sacred fruit, the pomegranate. This fruit recurs in each painting due to its significant role in my life and in my culture but most importantly, due to its translation being my childhood nickname, “Hanar”. The on-going investigation of my own identity begins with my art, where I tell my story by depicting myself as The Hanar. 


Drawings play a crucial role in my painting practice. They are my way of experimenting with colors, compositions and various ideas. This experimentation guides the way for the larger works. Exploring different ways to communicate the figures in a way that expresses my theme is the most essential exercise in my work.

Throughout the process of developing my own artistic language, I've had the opportunity to produce artworks for multiple projects throughout the UAE, including people's homes. This journey has allowed me to experiment with a vast range of styles and to collaborate with clients on a combined vision. These works have been requested as custom orders and are mostly sold pieces.