How do commissions work?


Do you replicate previous pieces as commissions?

No. I can definitely be inspired by previous work I have done but I will not replicate.

Do you ship?

Yes, I can offer paintings with minimal to no surface texture to be rolled and shipped in a tube. If you are looking for something textured, you must be within a pickup/drop off radius of my studio.

Can I come see your work?

Yes, please contact me to arrange a studio visit.

How it works

STEP 1 - Contact me and provide me with approximate dimensions you would like for your piece. (this can also be a discussion between you and I if you are unsure.

STEP 2 - I will provide you with a quote based on the dimensions of canvas you have selected.

STEP 3 - Once you have confirmed, we discuss colours, orientation of the canvas (portrait or landscape) and the general vibe of the painting. Provide me with as much or as little detail as you’d like. I love when my clients put trust in me and say “do whatever!” We can always set up a call.

STEP 4 -If you would like to include reference photos that’s up to you. Screen shots from my website and Instagram are the best for me to work from. I also don’t mind screen shots of other artists work you like to get an understanding of your aesthetic.

STEP 5 - The commission will be secured with a 50% deposit. There likely will be no back and fourth communication until the piece is finished unless I have questions or issues.

STEP 6- I do not give specific timelines on when your piece will be done. More a general month of completion. If there is a reason you need it done by a certain date you must tell me upon request and we will work out if it is feasible! I appreciate your patience with commission work as I find when I am rushed, the quality of my work is compromised.